Horizontal Venetian Blinds


Half-inch and One-inch Venetian Blinds

Half-inch venetian blinds and one-inch venetian blinds are also at times referred to as horizontal blinds. Art Venetian custom manufactures these blinds to fit your window perfectly. These durable aluminum blinds are offered in a vast variety of shades and colours, matching your specific d├ęcor.

Two-inch Venetian Blinds

Two-inch venetian blinds have become an increasingly popular choice for dressing your windows. Our selection of aluminum and wood venetian blinds are offered in many different shades and colours, or choose a faux wood option for a selection of specialty textures and economical pricing. These blinds are extremely durable and will provide excellent long-term value.

Art Venetian Blind has been serving Thornhill and the Greater Toronto Area for over 50 years. Let us know about your desired custom window treatments or how we can help you repair your old blinds, shades or drapes. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a complimentary quote – feel free to contact us at sales@artvenetianblind.com or by telephone at 905-771-9085. We look forward to hearing from you!

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